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We are experienced, skilled and talented experts. Our company offers a full range of premium services in business consulting, research, marketing and management. We are highly motivated professionals with more than 10 years of expertise and passion for our work. We love to create innovative solutions to improve clients business.



Gnarum, s.r.o. provides premium services to clients. Through expert consulting, research and tailored solutions we transform clients business and enable it to grow and achieve success.

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We provide premium services in business consulting, research, marketing and managment. Our company offers experts consulting, top-notch research and innovative solutions to a wide range of global and local companies in Europe. We are transforming their business through premium services, excellent research and tailored solutions. Our goal is to enable our clients to grow and achieve success.  


We provide expert business, financial, IT and marketing consulting.


We offer high quality market and product research, copywriting, design and website building.  

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We are well-established, talented, creative and skilled professionals and experts in consulting, management, marketing and research. We love our work and we are passionate about bringing innovative solutions to improve clients business and achieve their success.

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Svetluša Surova

Founder and CEO
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Cord Hoppe

Co-Founder and CFO

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